By: Arne On: 25. October 2021 In: Ukategorisert Comments: 0

Tidetecs’ collaboration with Rainpower has been shortlisted for IGT Award! We are proud to be a part of the development towards what we call Hydropower 3.0. Hydropower 1.0. was the waterwheels paving the way for the industrial revolution. 2.0 was the centralized production from large high-head hydropower plants based on Pelton and Francis turbine technology. Hydropower 3.0 is low-head pumped storage and two-way generation from tidal range in ocean estuaries which demands a new turbine solution optimized for two-way generation and two-way pumping. Our next step is projects utilizing existing infrastructure as redundant dry-docks etc. which will demonstrate a technology that can produce more than 12 % of UK annual energy and contribute to grid flexibility at low cost.