By: Arne On: 18. January 2017 In: Ukategorisert Comments: 0

Hendry Review page 52:

“One possible example is the Tidetec rotating turret. A prototype of the solution was deployed in Svelvik, Norway in September 2016. Tidetec state: “The main intention of the turret is to turn the turbine, to enable optimal bi-directional functionality.” I am advised this would enable optimal efficiency in both directions, as two-way generation turbines tend to have reduced efficiency on the incoming tide. They estimate that 5-10% savings could be made in turbine designs when incorporating their technology and provide 7-8% increase in power production.

I am in no doubt that there are promising innovations and technological advancements that could be made as part of a tidal lagoon programme, and that could help drive down costs. The new public body UK Research and Innovation and the Energy Innovation Board could play useful roles in this regard.”