Førsteside technology

Our patented solution features the following main advantages:

1. Cost efficient tidal power production with possibility of pump and storage

2. Active flood protection with pumping

3. Embedded transport infrastructure

Artistic presentation of the TideTec turbine integrated in a multi modal bridge:

Full multidmodal 003

1. Efficient tidal power productionBilde 6

The TideTec concept is based on (1) utilising the venturi effect to increase water flow velocity by throttling the water flow in a duct, (2) producing power on both ebb and flood using turnable turbines. (1) The venturi effect increases the velocity in the duct, thus enabling the use of relatively small turbines with high power production, compared to conventional freestream turbines. (2) TideTec utilises both ebb and flood conditions of the tidal cycle by turning the turbine when the tide turns. According to University of Liverpool report*: This provides up to 56% added power production compared to traditional Kaplan turbines.Power output

Maintanance in marine structures is an expensive undertaking, beacuse of its complexity. Using small turbines  the maintanance cost decrease by a considerable amount. By placing the turbine in a hoistable “bucket” installation and maintanance cost is lowered considerably as maintanance and assembly is conducted on dry land.

Utilising venturi effect, turnable turbines and combining this with low maintanance and installation cost lead to the most cost efficient tidal power production solution available today.

2.  Flood protection with energy productionFlood

As the sea level rise in addition to increased percepetation, the risk of flooding increases considerable. Major cities in the world, built by the water, are experiencing increased risk of flooding. There are many ways to protect a city from flood, everything from full barriers like the Thames barrier to tidal lagoons. In 2014 TideTec was awarded a Eurostar project exploring combination of tidal power plants with flood protection. One of the outcomes of this project is a outline for a commercial flood protection in the river Thames. In the project the intended way of protecting London from flood is by building tidal lagoons. These tidal lagoons work by opening sluices at high tides, thus decreasing the water level upstream. TideTec turbines at the sluices will provide energy production at flood as well as ebb, for periods when flood protection is not needed.

3. Embedded transport infrastructuremodulestowed

TideTecs concept can be incorporated into existing or proposed infrastructure. Prefabricated concrete modules can be fit into the foundation of the bridge. The prefabricated modules can be towed in place, this gives a cost-effective construction method. The modules can also be built into breakwater barriers, and other marine structures where tidal currents are present.