Other tidal projects around the world (not TideTec initiated):


France: La Rance, Built in the late 60’s is the oldest European tidal water power plant. Giving an annual output of approximately 600 Gwh.

England: The Wash  TideTec, The Wash barrier company and others plan to make an application for a Eurostar pilot-project to verify the possibilities for a Tidal Power Plant producing more than 4TWH annually and also serve as flood protection.

Wales: Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

Holland: Grevelingen As part of restructuring the Grevelingen area, an inlet in the Brouwersdam is proposed to connect the North Sea with the Grevelingen lake again.  One of the opportunities that arise with bringing back the tides again, is to construct a tidal power plant at the Brouwersdam in order to create a win-win situation from an ecological and economical point of view.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) statement about E-39 road on the west-coast of Norway and the possibilities of energy producing bridges

Møreaksen Road  E39 – Several technical solutions like tunnel, bridge etc. are discussed. TideTec suggests its patented turbines in bridges to produce electricity.

China: Bo Hai: Quite similar to TideTec, the Canadian company Blue Energy plans to build a tidal power Plant in the bridge.  Blue Energy plan to use the Darrieus turbines. TideTec-turbines can produce much more energy than the Darrieus.

South-Korea: Sihwa-lake power station

Okeanos tidal power network