Core Team


CEO Tidetec AS, Co-founder and Investor

Arne grew up in Oslo making all kind of mechanical prototypes with his innovative father Per Kollandsrud. This gave him the interest and understanding of technology. His career took another direction as he passed the audition for the Norwegian Academy of Music where he studied Trumpet 1986-1990. Following a career as a professional musician, he took over his fathers company Tidetec in 2014. Kollandsrud has led Tidetec through R&D projects, technology development, and the company are now commercializing the proven, patented and versatile turbine solution optimized for low head marine pumped storage and Tidal Range energy production.

Arne has been working as CEO in Tidetec since 2013 and is also a co-investor in Tidetec. He was member of the board in Tidetec since his father Per Kollandsrud founded the company in 2003 until 2021. Arne also represents family office Kollan AS, the main shareholder in Tidetec.


Ilias Zilakos

Senior Engineer PhD, Advisor in Tidetec AS

Ilias is from 2023  working outside of  Tidetec, but still serving Tidetec as an advisor.

Ilias has 10 years of experience from R&D projects in marine technology. He has been involved in structural analysis of marine and offshore structures, material modelling of composite systems, prototype engineering and large-scale testing. His experience in mathematical modelling and numerical methods, helped Tidetec in optimizing the operational path of its turbine solution.


Alexander Kornilov

Alexander is from 2023  working outside of  Tidetec, but still serving Tidetec as System Engineer Advisor in Tidetec AS

Alexander has more than 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering in multidiscipline roles but predominantly in design. Through his career, he has been involved in almost every step of product development, from conceptualization to manufacturing processes. He has served in several positions within the Oil & Gas industry, Automotive and Heavy industry. His main role in Tidetec is the design of the prototype turnable turbine housing.


Bert Pasop

Technical Lead Tidetec AS

Bert is highly skilled and respected Technical Manager with comprehensive experience within mechanical and structural engineering as well as in both the design and analysis of structures. Experience includes both off-shore and on-land projects, in varying areas of these industries. He has a long track record in leading successfully the technical aspects of start-up companies. His role in Tidetec is to lead the technical aspects of the pilot project.

Rachel Zeringue

Project Engineer Tidetec

Rachel joined the Tidetec team as an employee, from February 2021. She holds a MSc in Mechanical and Structural Engineering with a specialization in Renewable Energy. She has a diverse engineering background with experience in CAD. Rachel has been involved in several engineering volunteer projects involving engineering design, building, and education. In Tidetec Rachel is working in the Fibregy project and design and engineering related to the turnable turret.

Mads Sørsdal

Concept Design


Mads has more than 15 years of  conceptual design experience in subsea and marine industry. In Tidetec , he is been working on the concept design, visualization and marketing material.

Board Members


Advisor & shareholder

Ms Ann-Christin Andersen is an executive with more than 30 years’ experience from the oil&gas industry. She has been Chief Digital Officer, Managing Director, and held SVP/Vice President roles for Projects and Products. She has served as chair and non-executive director of several boards the last decades, and holds board positions in Quantafuel, Maersk Drilling, Rotork and Glitre Energi. Ann Christin also works as a strategic advisor in her new start-up 4ADA AS. Ann-Christin has a Bachelor degree with 1st Class Honors in Offshore Electrical Engineering from Heriot Watt University, UK and an Executive MBA with Honors at IMD University in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Andersen held the Chair in Tidetec 2020-2023


Member of the board & shareholder

Paal Raaholt is a merited entrepreneur with experience from launching and running new business from his first start up in 1988. He was Chairman of the Board of Inmeta Crayon ASA when the company was listed on the stock exchange in Oslo. He was also managing director in his first start up, Alternativ Data AS. Now he holds chairman of the board in six companies and member of the board in three companies he co-founded. He has a degree in Marketing and economics from Norges Markedshøyskole. He now focuses on investing in and develop business which can disrupt the marked it operates.


Chair Leader of the board (COB) & shareholder

Knut Kollandsrud represents family office Kollan AS, the main shareholder in Tidetec. Kollan is based on other successtories that Tidetec founder Per Kollandsrud made. Knut is engaged in several startups, as well as owner and CEO in video production company Truestories AS. Knut has been working as a Cinema photographer all around the world since he was educated in 1995. Knut started the film production company True Stories in 2010. The company became one of the most successfully commercial film companies in Norway. Knut is also investor and partner in Rift Labs. A company who develops led lights for the film industry. Rift Labs won the Lucy Award in NYC 2018 for the most innovative lights in the industry. Knut is CEO in Kollan, Tidetec’s main shareholder.

Trude Sundset

Member of the board

Trude has 30 years of business experience, with a focus on energy, environment and climate issues, her latest position as CEO of Gassnova working with CCS. Her extensive management experience includes business development, field development in the oil and gas sector and research management and development. Sundset has broad experience from organisation and industry both national and internationally. Sundset holds a Master of Science degree in Technology PhysicalChemistry from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology