By: Joachim Amland On: 27. July 2016 In: Ukategorisert Comments: 0

We are moving closer to finishing up our prototype for the turbine turning mechanism. The steel job is more or less done, and assembly and painting is just around the corner. Water testing is scheduled to happen within next month – we are really excited about this test!Buoy in water


This prototype is intended to simulate a large scale barrage or lagoon application for a low head hydro turbine. The device will be tested in a tidal stream environment, but the full size application is intended for barrage and lagoon tidal power plants. The focus of this prototype is the turning application, and the method of turning the device, not the turbine itself. As many different turbines can be modified to fit inside the turret, we have not focused on the turbine as a first priority. In addition we have designed the prototype so the turbine can be replaced, and changed to accommodate different turbines.