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The Eurostars project Safe*Coast will run from late 2014 until 2017 and at the end of this 1,9 mEuro R&D project, we will expect to have achieved the results listed below:

New product design:

  • Concrete caisson hosting a reversible tidal turbine.
  • New installation method for concrete caissons.
  • New design floatable foundation-leg for concrete caissons.
  • New optimized reversible tidal turbine design.

New market assessment

The new market is represented by the combined application potential of flood protection, coastal protection, transport infrastructures and tidal energy. The Safe*Coast project will define the synergies among flood defence and multi-modal transport infrastructures, flood defences and tidal power plants and use them to carefully define the costs and benefits, including power production costs as related to the extra-costs of the power plant compared to a situation were only the flood control and the road are realized. It is also expected that new ways for logistics and management of a multifuction infrasturctures will be discussed. The project will generate an applicability map of such a technology Worldwide with special attention to Europe.

TideTec’s role

TideTec is leading the Safe*Coast project and is thereby qualified for playing in the ”Champions’ League of small European technology companies”, one of the labels used for the Eurostars programme.


On this winning team are also two more small tech companies: German Mareval AG, marine engineers based in Hamburg, the English infrastructure planning company Willingale/Metrotidal, who are working on a possible installation in the Thames Estuary, and the Technical University of Munich TUM, whose Turbine laboratory has nearly a century of experience with turbine technologies.