Its time to release some of the preliminary findings from the Safe*Coast project: Preliminary results show great potential for the TideTec technology.

Concept: TideTec proposes to build a tidal lagoon (27km2) that will act as flood protection, in addition to generating electricity

Flood protection: Turbines (in pumping mode) in combination with sluices are able move/drain significant amounts of water away from areas prone to flooding, into a storage pool. The simulated reduction of sea level during a flooding situation is 60 – 70 cm*.

Electricity generation: During normal tide cycles the pool will generate energy when water flows into the pool, and when it flows out. Total electricity production is simulated (by HR Wallingford) to be approximately 300 GWh.

For the full report of preliminary results see report below:

HR Wallingford SafeCoast report – Phase 1


Metrotidal – Impoundment diagram impoundment