By: Arne On: 27. November 2023 In: Ukategorisert Comments: 0
Tidal range, predictable and true,

A force of nature, constantly in view.
As the moon’s gravity pulls the tide,
Renewable energy is harnessed with pride.
With turbines beneath the ocean’s sway,
Power is generated, day after day.
The rhythmic rise and fall, a reliable source,
Bringing clean energy without remorse.
No need for fuel or harmful emissions,
Tidal range energy, a sustainable mission.
Harnessing nature’s ebb and flow,
A renewable path we gladly go.
From coastlines to estuaries, the potential is vast,
Tapping into tides, a future unsurpassed.
With innovation and technology combined,
Tidal range power, an energy we’ll find.
Predictable and abundant, the tide remains,
A renewable resource that forever sustains.
With each rise and fall, we embrace the flow,

Tidal range energy, our sustainable show.