The TideTec team, together with the Harness teamIMG_1005 visited a recently refitted hydro power plant in Norway yesterday. The purpose was to learn from their experiences with a soon to be finished project “Rånåsfoss III” – a quite complex engineering exercise, where they fit completely new turbines into an old shell, in addition to getting inspiration from state of the art low head hydro plants. We also wanted to get their view on the TideTec turbine.

We were lucky to have Tom Flattum show us around at the plant, sharing his technical expertise on the project and hydro power in general. As the plant is close to completion we saw both closed of finished turbines, in addition to seeing the turbines that where not closed of yet. A truly fascinating experience.

We also had time to discuss the TideTec turbine, where Tom shared his views on both the turbine and the turning mechanism. He definitely agreed that the only way to get a turbine with a high efficiency both ways – is to turn it. So now our mission continues – to turn the tidal industry!