By: Joachim Amland On: 24. July 2016 In: Ukategorisert Comments: 0

Initial design of the VLH DN 5000 with turning mechanism complete. It will be a 700 KW rated Tidetec tidal turbine incl. turning mechanism. Included in the design is:

  • Complete generating set with distributor, runner and PMG generator
  • Hydraulic Power units for all devices in turbine
  • Air compressor for unit pressurisation
  • Frequency converter and speed variable equipment
  • Special coating and protection for seawater
  • Cathodic active protection for turbine and turning mechanism
  • Cables and pipes of the offered elements
  • Hydraulic piston system for turning system
  • Frame and spacers for turning mechanism
  • Control system for turning mechanism

The turbine is optimised for a tidal location and can also be used as a pump for water management purposes. The turbine is one of the most fish friendly on the market and can be optimised further for complete fish friendliness.


Turbine in funnel


Turbine with turning mechansim