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The long-awaited Hendry review has today been published – it is backing the Swansea-Bay project and has thereby opened a multi-billion-euro market for tidal lagoon energy – the market where Tidetec has the most effective turbine system.

The tidal lagoon market is characterised by enormous projects, and therefore significant political risk – a risk that today has been reduced significantly by a positive review conducted by former UK Energy minister Sir Charles Hendry. The review supports kick-off of the first prototype 320 MW Swansea lagoon – and five other planned sites. Sites where the Tidetec solution will become a lucrative choice, after successful demonstration project in collaboration with industrial partners.

The market that opened today has significant green impact – up to 10% of UKs total energy demand can be produced by clean, predictable tidal lagoon energy. If these projects are built with Tidetecs technology – we are looking at a total increase of clean energy production from from 45 to 50 TWh – 11% production increase.

Tidetec are focused on deliverance of an optimised bi directional turbine solution. By combining the best efforts from Norwegian Oil & Gas and Hydropower industry, we believe we have developed the most elegant and simple solution to optimise tidal lagoon turbines – and therefore the most logical choice for the future lagoon industry.

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Download Henry Review here

Tidetec is proud to see that we are presented in the review as the most promising new technology. See page 52.