“The TideTec turbines are going to be the main technology used in tidal barrage or lagoons around the world. Turning turbines simply is the most cost effective and reliable technology to harness tidal power.”

TideTec is currently seeking industrial and financial partners to further develop their technology and business. Click on the link below to see a short version of our pitch:

160311 TT – the short story

To establish proof of concept – TideTec is currently building its first lab model in collaboration with TUM (Technische Universität München), Mareval AG and English partner Metrotidal. This model will be ready for testing in early 2016. In addition we are planning for the first commercially viable TideTec pilot project.

TideTec is currently leading a 1,9 million Euro research project (Safe*Coast)- with the goal of proving the commercial viability and the flood protection capabilities of the TideTec solution.The project started 1. november 2014 – and our preliminary results are very promising – combining a significant water level reduction in London, with a substantial energy production.

In a macro perspective, the potential for tidal water power plants in barrage worldwide is vast – research papers state the potential to be “more than 10.000 turbines”* or 2000 TWh.

Tidetec hold several patents.

*L.B._Bernshtein: Tidal powerplants ISBN: 89-444-1001-1