The TideTec team, together with the Harness team visited a recently refitted hydro power plant in Norway yesterday. The purpose was to learn from their experiences with a soon to be finished project “Rånåsfoss III” – a quite complex engineering exercise, where they fit completely new turbines into an...

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Its time to release some of the preliminary findings from the Safe*Coast project: Preliminary results show great potential for the TideTec technology. Concept: TideTec proposes to build a tidal lagoon (27km2) that will act as flood protection, in addition to generating electricity Flood protection: Turbines (in pumping mode) in...

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Stian Løbø Aaker civil engineering student works as summer intern for TideTec, June 1-July 3rd. He contributed to development of the tidal power concept, and integration into bridge foundations. Some of the things he worked with: – Design and CDF simulation of concrete caisson for turbine housing. – Cost and building...

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Joachim Amland steps into TideTec as CTO to work with continued development of the technology and to push the technology towards commercialization. Joachim has experience as a consultant from DNV GL Shipping Advisory, working with Energy Management and fleet optimisation projects for shipping and offshore companies, and from EY...

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18/12-14: TideTec featured in Energi21-bilag in Dagens Næringsliv.

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TideTec is granted an 1,9 mEuro R&D project, Safe*Coast in collaboration with international partners; Technical university in Munich TUM, Mareval and Willingale/Metrotidal. The project will prove TideTecs technology, develop a working prototype and assess locations and business cases for use of the technology. Read more about Safe*Coast on our project...

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06.10.2014 – TideTec Managing Director interviewed in P2 nyhetsmorgen 06102014 Radio NRK

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• 2014: TideTec is granted Eurostar Project Safe*Coast in collaboration with german and english partners. Budget about 1,9 million Euro. Read more: Pop-science article SafeCoast rev JE 2 • 2014: TideTec achieves new patent regarding prefabricated concrete modules in combination with two-way turbines • 2014: Founder of TideTec Engineer Per...

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